Monday, December 08, 2008

High School Never Ends

(With apologies to Bowling for Soup)

This morning I woke up and remembered that I'd had a dream about someone I went to high school with. Occasionally I'll drop this person an email just to catch up with him. I searched the Intertubes using the Google(tm) search engine to see if the email I had for him was current, and discovered that he was on Facebook. So, I took a look at his profile.

I noticed that he had a bunch of folks from high school "friended". It was weird seeing a lot of these people that I haven't seen or spoken to in 15 years. Brought back a lot of memories. And it was cool....I could view one person's set of friends, look at one of their friends, and then look at their get the picture. It's a giant web so that eventually, I'm sure, I'd find everyone I graduated with. Or at least the ones that I graduated with.

So I asked to be friended to several folks....join a couple of groups. And I've since gotten friend requests from several other folks. Oddly enough, this seems really cool to me. Surprisingly, I've got a facebook account, myspace account, and several other social network accounts, but most of them lie dormant. I never actually thought to use facebook to find folks I went to school with. It just never occurred to me. I guess because I graduated with a group of people that didn't grow up with the internet -- it was just catching on as we were all in college. Which, I guess, would be a good reason they would be on facebook. I'm not quite sure why I'm so late to the game. My job is basically the internet. I'm pretty good at keeping up with technology. But for some reason, I never took the time to "groom" my social web sites. Maybe because it's too time consuming. I use twitter quite a bit, but basically that's nothing more than sending a message from my phone, along the lines of "sitting in Macy's, picking my nose while Wife tries on clothes". No grooming necessary. I'm a huge fan of instant messaging. Maybe I prefer these social interactions (can they really  be called that?) because they're instant.

Whatever the reason, I'm sucked in now. I'll probably addictively check my facebook account, hoping that I'm friended by someone else I went to school with. Today I got to chat with two people I haven't spoken with in a long time. It was nice to catch up with them. I hope I can do it some more.


David Shockey said...

I had a similar experience. My son signed me up for Facebook and casually mentioned it to me. I didn't give it much thought until I started getting "friend requests" in my email account. So I logged on to FB and found a bunch of people that I had not heard from in years. It's been fun. Months later I'm still finding the odd friend on Facebook that I thought had fallen off the face of the earth.

Brian said...

Hey David!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a bit embarrassed I didn't have anything more up to date, but since I discovered Twitter, it seems like that's how I share my thoughts.

It really is bizarre, though, as I've "friended" people after school that never would give me the time of day 20 years ago. It's also interesting to see how all their lives have changed.