Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spiritual High....

Spiritual High....I wonder if there's a group of people that phrase irritates more than Youth workers....and the ones in my audience know exactly of which I speak.

It's a term they're all too familiar with -- they take a group of teenagers to camp, a mission trip, ski trip, etc. And, during that time there are tears shed, lives given completely to Christ, lives rededicated....for a week, they have this incredible spiritual awakening. No, no, this time it's real, they reassure. But then comes Monday. Parents are dogging them, there's mounds of undone homework, the latest drama in their group of friends breaks out....life happens, and all of a sudden everything from the week before is all but forgotten. Like chemical highs, there's a spike, and then there's a fall.

I've been on both sides....that teenager going down time and time again to the alter after a powerful worship session at camp, and, admittedly, the adult in the seats watching below and rolling his eyes as "thousands and thousands" go down to really and truly I mean it this time surrender to Christ. I'm being honest -- they tell me that's a good thing.

So, why the out-of-the-blue, seemingly cynical, unrelated lead in to my most recent blog post? I mean, after all, I haven't worked with youth in (/me counting on my fingers....) 7 months!

Because, as I reflect on the last couple of weeks, that's what came to my mind. Lemme explain -- a few months ago I was asked to be a Messenger to our yearly Associational meeting. I'd been to the State Baptist Convention, but hadn't been to an Associational meeting before. And, admittedly, when Pastor called me last Monday to remind me of my commitment, I was less than thrilled. I mean, it was bad enough when I thought I had to meet the church van leaving at 5:30....it was far worse finding out that no, the van was leaving at 3! So, needless to say, I didn't go with a great attitude. But I went.

All I can say is I'm glad God didn't leave me with that sour attitude. During the 2 days, I heard some incredible messages. They spoke of faith and hope. They were testaments to God's work in people's lives and His provision to those who are faithful to Him.

And the only thing I could think of was, I don't want to miss out on that! I thought of "Shine" by Newsboys:


make em wonder whatcha got

make em wish that they were not

on the outside looking bored

let it shine before all men

let em see good works and then

let em glorify the lord
For the last several months, since I stepped down from my leadership roles at our church, I haven't been involved in any ministry. There are several reasons for that, none of them good. But I've been "on the outside looking bored". I've been missing out!

I really think last week served as a wake up call....since then I feel like I'm earnestly working to deal with things that need to be dealt with. Starting with myself. So, why the lead-in about "Spiritual Highs"?

Because I want this to be more than that....

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twbowes said...

Dang...I thought it was just a rumor, but, no, you really are alive and still know how to work your computer.

I liked what I read here...