Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yeah, on another posting spree

Yes, occasionally I get the bug to just post random things. I guess today happens to be one of those. Anyway, something I've thought of that is completely out of thin air (well, ok, maybe not did stem from my watching all my The X-Files DVDs) is that I've figured out why The X-Files went off the air when it did....

Two words: Camera Phones. Around the time the show ended, camera phones were introduced.

Think about it: Fox Mulder has spent his life searching for "the truth". Time and time again he's come in contact with it, but has had no evidence to support his claims. He finds a warehouse where experimentation on human/alien hybrids was going on, brings the FBI there the next morning to expose the conspiracy, and voila, it's all been packed up and moved.

Now, forgetting for a moment that, as a man desperate to find "the truth", he should've had a camera of some sort on him, let's look at what would've happened if he had a cell phone (which he most definitely would've) with a camera.

Mulder would go to the warehouse where the experimentation was going on, and from the window he's peering in, would be able to take pictures of the men involved and the E.B.E (extra-terrestrial biological entity) they're working with. He'd be able to document everything he'd need to go back and show that yes, there is a vast government conspiracy to bring alien colonization to Earth and protect themselves by inducing alien DNA into the human populace.

So, you see, if the show'd continued, it wouldn't have for long. Because then Mulder would have no excuse for not having a camera for documentation, he could show his superiors at the FBI his proof, they would move in on the conspirators, who would rather swallow cyanide pills and die than share their knowledge of the "project", and the should wouldn't have lasted past the 3rd part of the 3 part season-ending cliffhanger bridging seasons 10 and 11.

I think it's the Diet Mountain Dew that's talking. However, along similar lines, apparently the CIA has opened their dirty laundry to the public. Check it out here. It's definitely an interesting read....

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