Sunday, December 03, 2006

Planes, trains, automobiles and Bond...James Bond

OK, it was really more like trains and James Bond....that's how my day was spent.

Today, I left for Washington, DC. By train. As I've never traveled an extensive amount of time by train, I was very excited about the trip. I figured DC was too close to go by plane, so I thought the train would be an adventure.

VERY NICE! I chose business class because it worked out cheaper than a coach plane ticket. There was a ton of leg room, complimentary soda/water, and electrical outlets for laptops. It was weird because I was used to having a seatbelt on a plane, and having to turn off electrical devices during take off and leaving. On the train, I could keep my cell phone/laptop on the whole time, there was no seat belt, and I was free to move about as much as I wanted. It was a 6 hour trip, and was just very relaxing.

I was excited about the trip because I figured with so much time on my hands, I would be able to get in a bunch of sleep and reading. Well, I discovered that the James Bond movies I taped from Spike would work on my laptop, so I brought them along. I ended up watching "License to Kill" and "Moonraker" the entire time. It was great! Sadly, at 3 hours apiece (stupid commercials! That, and my ability to not know that my dvd program came with a fast forward button), it didn't leave much time for sleep.

The thing about Bond...James Bond is, I've never really watched any of them. I've seen a couple of the Brosnan ones, but none of the older ones. I've always wanted to, but I just didn't. So, that's why I recorded them when they came on Spike. And was really happy to find out they would play on my laptop.

What I was upset about was some of the commercials Spike ran during the marathon. Three that stuck out were a "Girls Gone Wild" commercial, a "Trojans condom" commercial, and a "Spike: get more action' commercial that feature a swimsuit clad woman coming out of the water.

Before I knew I could fast forward them, I had to let them play (I swear it's true!). I was so embarassed and ashamed of them, I minimized my window so that the little old ladies on the train wouldn't be shocked. Well, that and I wanted to avert my eyes from the almost-porn.

More on my thoughts later.

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twbowes said...

LOGO had a weekend focus on AIDS awareness (and a couple of other channels did as well); the weekend broadcasts were sponsored by MTV and, yep, you guessed it...TROJAN!

Why would they sponsor a weekend like that? Do they really care? Heck no!

Sex sells! If sex sells, and sex is scary, then TROJAN SELLS! I was watching a little bit of a great movie (The Band Played On) and a particular Trojan commercial had the attitude like "The best thing to prevent AIDS is abstinence, but we know that nobody wants to do that, so use our condoms. They tops for your bottoms!" Then they had another one that had this type of attitude: "The ONLY two ways that are full proof against AIDS are abstinence and Trojan!" Hmmmmm....

Isn't it funny that the Trojan emblem features a horse? It seems their own marketing would be enough to enlighten us...SOMETHING in that horse might get you in trouble!