Thursday, December 07, 2006

My travels


So, to my left (/me does Vanna pose) is a map of the DC Metro system, painstakingly made by yours truly and modified (I REALLY wanted to do this using, but didn't really have the time or the over whelming motivation to figure out the API and javascript that would be involved. OK, time I technicallly have. That darn motivation, however....). So anyway, I've taken this image and done some modifications. If you can actually see the image (while I type this, it looks VERY small), there are 4 stations that have a yellow dot surrounded by a black circle (like this:

Those are the places that I've been so far (on the Metro at least, although I haven't strayed far from the vein). I probably could've been fancier, but again, didn't really want to put in the time it would take. Sooooo, anyway.....

1) Union Station (most right station, on the 'red line') - This is where I arrived Sunday. It's actually the Metro and Amtrak station.
2) Woodley Park (most northern station, on the 'red line') - This is where my hotel is.
3) Pentagon City (most southern station, on the 'blue' and 'yellow' lines) - This is where I went Monday night. "Pentagon City Fashion Mall" is right on top of it. Also had "Pentagon City Centre".
4) Dupont Circle (one stop south of "Woodley Park", on the 'red' line) - This is where I was last night We actually walked there for sushi, and then rode the Metro back to the hotel.

I'd really like to figure out how to mark things in Google Maps and may yet. But, I thought this would be interesting to the folks back home.

It's 8 min to 2 in the morning. I think I need to get to bed. 'Night!

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