Friday, December 22, 2006

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My thoughts on the whole Christmas tree bru-haha at Seattle-Tucoma airport in Washington? I think it's ridiculous.

I hate the way that this whole season has become politicized. For the last couple of years I've heard about the movement to "save Christmas". How it's up to us to keep stores from putting up generic "Happy Holiday" signs and selling "holiday trees".

Christmas doesn't need to be saved by us. Christmas will stand on it's own without any help from us. It doesn't matter if people wish me a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, or Happy Chanukkah, it doesn't take anything away from my Christmas. It doesn't change who Jesus is, or the fact that He is still firm on His throne. The fact of the matter is, one of the rights of this country is the freedom of religion. If I were a store owner, I would put up Christmas decorations. It would not matter to me what Jewish or Muslim people thought. I don't celebrate their holidays, so it shouldn't be expected that I put up decorations for them. And they, in turn have the right not to shop at my store. I reserve the right to decorate my establishment as I please.

Just as store owners may decorate how they please. If they're Jewish, I don't expect them to Deck the Halls. If they're Muslim, I don't expect to see a Nativity scene in the window. Some stores choose to go with a generic "Happy Holidays" versus specifying any specific holiday. That's their prerogative. Just as it's mine to choose not to shop at those stores.

I don't believe in forcing Christmas down anyone's throat. I won't even get started on the fact that Christmas trees are more than likely a pagan thing and we probably shouldn't have them at all anyway.

If you see someone not celebrating Christmas, the answer isn't to force them to put up a tree or get them to start saying "Merry Christmas". The answer is to share with them the reason we have Christmas -- Jesus. It is certainly NOT threatening to sue, or threatening the life of someone who was unhappy because there were no Chanukkah decorations in the airport.

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