Monday, December 04, 2006

More pics on the way

Tonight I actually ventured on the Metro for dinner. I got some pictures of the mall I ultimately ended up at, but it's been difficult to get them off the phone. I'm going to try to do it tomorrow.

Right now I'm hanging out in the "Terminal Room" for the conference. This is the room that's been set up for computer users to bring their laptops and hang out. No one actually talks to anyone else, unless it's through instant messaging. Geeks are a funny breed.

As I was on the train, I saw something very sad. There was a man of middle eastern ethnicity, and there was an older black man standing by the door. All of a sudden, I hear the older gentleman say, "what are you looking at? You look like a ******* terrorist!". He continued in a similar vein, and the other man didn't say anything. Fortunately, the older man got off at the next stop.

I hate to see that that sort of thing still happens. I hate that, because of the actions of a few extremists, people of certain ethnicity are labeled terrorists. I hate the ignorance that persists among the world and the stereotypes that are applied broadly across those we don't know, and have no interest in knowing.

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