Friday, December 01, 2006

another whine, er, rant, er....random thoughts

As mentioned in the below post, during my lunch break I went to the store in the student center. For the last 5 years, I've bought a poster for my dad and gotten it signed by the basketball team. I would go to the basketball office, drop it off the first Monday of the month, and they would call me when it's ready. I thought that was a pretty neat gift that dad always enjoyed.

So I bought 2 posters -- one for dad, one for myself (in the years I've done this, I've meant to, but never did, get a poster for myself. This was going to be the first year). $20 for the two. Had arranged with a co-worker to drop them off next Monday, as that's the first Monday of the month, and I wouldn't be here. Wrote my name/phone number on the back of them. In pen. Then decided to call the basketball office to make sure he could drop them off next Monday.

Imagine how excited I was to hear that there was a policy change, and that no more drop-offs were allowed, but for $20, they would sign a poster and mail it to me.

So now I'm stuck with posters that, while I love our basketball team, I have nothing I can do with them. I like the posters, but I get them for the signatures, not the poster itself. If I weren't getting the stupid thing signed, I wouldn't put out the $10 for it!

Thank you, UNIVERSITY, for once again demonstrating that you're more interested in the all-mighty dollar than you are in good-will towards your fans. You know, like when you started charging the people who actually want to come watch your crappy football team $5 to park at the football games. Because, you know, you don't want ANYONE to show up to them....

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