Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two mornings after.... (was: The morning after....)

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but alas, not so much....

So, now, two nights ago, on the way home, I listened to 680AM in order to hear what was happening in the election counts.  It was mostly local races, so I didn't gain much info on the national forcast.

Once I got home, I switched on Fox News.  At the time I turned it on, the Dems needed 3 seats in the Senate to gain control of that house, 11 seats in the House of Reps to get that one.

I took a break from it, ended up falling asleep, and then waking up at about 11:30.  I went into the living room to turn off the tv.  I got there just in time to see the "Balance of Power" meter going from "Democrats need one seat in the House of Reps" to a big banner saying, "Democrats have gained control of the House of Representatives".  They still needed 3 seats in the Senate.

So this morning, it looks like they only need 2 seats in the Senate, with Montana and Virginia too close to call.  I *believe* the Dem candidate in both states have a small lead, and know that there will be a recount in Virginia at least.

UPDATE:  The senate race in VA has been called, and the Dems gained that seat, giving them the majority needed for the Senate as well.

A ban on same-sex marriage in Arizona was shot down, as was the ban on abortion in North Dakota.  

And Wednesday morning, Hamas has called Muslims to declare war on America .

I enjoyed Rush Limbaugh's comments on the whole election:

Even though the Republican Party let us down, to me they represent a far better future for my beliefs and therefore the country's than the Democrat Party and liberalism does.

That's how I feel....I am first and foremost a Bible-believing, conservative, evangelical, and heck, let's throw Calvinist in there as well, Christian.  I have my party affiliation because I believe involvement in government is important, and the party I've alligned myself with is by no means perfect, and I don't agree with everything they do (especially as they've moved from their conservative roots....), they're as corrupt and hypocritical as their opponents....

But, we have a system.   And I have to work in it the best I can.  Realizing that, in light of eternity, it doesn't matter.  God is still on His throne, and nothing's going to change that, no matter who's controlling the two Houses.

That being said....

Here's hoping for a better 2008....

Brian Johnson
"And I will be even more undignified than this, and will be humble in my own sight." (2 Samuel 6:22)

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