Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Special....

(Or that which, in the end, still gives me Hope.....)

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. (Romans 13:1, NLT)

Today is Election Day....if you're in America, then the last few months have been a bombardment of ads, accusations, pleas, and basically anything to get Joe-Average-Voter out to vote for the "right" candidate.

Right now there's a lot up in the air, uncertainty in both parties about what's going to happen. The Democrats are sure they'll control either the House and/or the Senate when it's all said and done, while the Republicans hope their efforts to reenergize their party was enough to keep the control they have, or at the very least, minimize the hits their party has taken.

I'm not politically savvy enough to even begin to try to make a prediction. I try to stay pretty informed on the issues, but to keep up with everything going on around the country is more than I have time for.

But, I did get out and cast my vote this morning. The last time I voted, in 2004, I voted at my county courthouse. So, that's where I went this morning. Except that's not my normal polling place, that was only it for the Early Voting I did in '04. D'oh!

I was reminded that I needed to go to my normal polling place, 15 min back in the direction of my house. Then, I was in a pickle -- go ahead back to vote, or go to work, and then travel 30 minutes to vote at lunch (going after work wouldn't happen because I spend Tues nights in town). I ultimately decided to vote then instead of lunch, because if I waited, I'm sure there would've been a reason not to at lunch. Then I would've missed my chance.

So, I voted. Quick and painless. The people were friendly. No electronic voting for my neck of the woods (thank goodness, from what I've heard). Got my little paper ballot, fed it into the machine, left. Took maybe 10 min total.

So it was a good experience.

However, whether my guys win or lose, I'm reassured by the apostle Paul. He reminded the Romans that, no matter who's in charge, we're to submit to them because they're ALL established by God. He establishes the people in charge.

Even the ones I don't like. Which gives me hope, because it just reminds me that yeah, they're in control, but God put them there. And He's above all of them.

So, no matter who wins today, no matter what the headlines read, no matter who's making the talk show circuit tomorrow....

It doesn't matter. God's the one who holds all the power and authority.

It'd be wonderful to know that our elected leaders recognized that as well and would submit to that power and authority and let Him guide them.

Pray for our leaders. Pray for our country. Pray for those who will one day be leaders.

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